Month: September 2013

Is it my imagination ?

Is it just my imagination or does it seem that there are a whole lot more festivals on the calander than there used to be?  This past weekend we had Tremont, the Ingiuity, and something at the Botanical Gardens, plus a lot of other diversions 

Reflections on Tremont

Saturday morning we all awoke to a wet and drippy morning.  We were moving a bit slower, but arrived at Lincoln Park before 9am, with ample time to set up, get ready and just believe this weekend would be filled with adventure, and fun.  As 

Tremont Art and Culture Festival is days away

Our most favorite event of the year is the Tremont Art and Culture Festival.  And it is happening this saturday and sunday, September 21-22  in Lincoln Park, along W 14th Street.  The park is 5 acres of space centered by a lovely old gazebo, and 

Finding your market

Saturday we visited the Cleveland Flea, which pops up the second Saturday of the month at Sterle’s Restaurant in the St Clair/Superior neighborhood.  We were really curious to see how this endeavor is evolving and taking shape.  We participated for two months in the spring but began