In a blue mood

Blue is so comforting, so vibrant, so calming.  And for some odd reason most of the items I create in blue or green sell first.  Always!  I have been loving the beads i have found recently.  I tore apart an old beaded necklace i bought at a thrift store because of these amazing fire polished glass beads that just sparkle.  They are from the 50s or 60s and were probably well loved but the way they looked commanded updating.  I also found a vintage 60s necklace that had these really fun turquoise colored crackle beads (I am guessing they are a high polish plastic, rather than glass) that have a commanding presence when mixed with other beads.

All of that said, i sat down to create a series of brooches that are either all blue, or predominantly blue with accents of green or another color.  Here are a few of them:

The Big and Blue Brooch –

lgdotblue3This is one of the brooches that used that 60’s vintage find crackle bead as the focal point.  And the light blue (milk blue) glass beads were a vintage find.  I stopped at a garage sale and there was a zip lock bag of blue beads that had been in someone’s stash for years.  It was a deal i could not pass up.  I just love the contrast of those really like milky blue beads against the deep blues.

There is an almost heart shape to this piece, but i did not define it as a heart, instead i wanted it to look like ripples in a pond…. radiating out from where a stone would be tossed int o the water.

A big blue brooch… it all starts with silver-tone copper wire, crochet into an oval form, a large vintage crackle bead added to the center, and then various Czech glass beads in shades of blue embroidered on.  Seed beads in shades of blue fill in to create the swirling pattern. Measures 2.25″ x 1.25″

The Little Blue Dot Brooch – 

dotblue3A smaller version of the first brooch listed, i continue to use the same crackle bead for the focal point, but this pin is considerably smaller, and has the accent of that light blue milk glass beads, deeper blue vintage beads, and seed beads in a metallic blue, peacock blue and an almost white/blue beads.

Everything started with crocheting silver-tone copper wire into a circular frame. This is a smaller pin, with a focal bead of vintage cracked blue to which seed beads have been added to accent the focal. Its a pop of blue color to accent your blouse, or dress up a dress. Magnetic pin back.

About Magnetic pin back – Does not make holes in your clothes… simply place the backing plate (metal plate with 1 magnets embedded) under your garment, and slide the pin in place on the front of the garment. This magnet and will hold a blouse, or lighter garment.

Blue Noveau Brooch – 

viclongblue6I am such a fan of the Art Noveau movement of the last century… the form, the flowing lines, the graceful designs. This brooch is paying homage to the Art Noveau Movement.

It started with silver toned copper wire, crochet into an oval shape. A brilliant blue focal bead was placed at the center of the piece, and beads of greens and blues embroidered around to create a swirling form.

The focal bead ( a deep blue glass round bead) was one of my fantastic finds at a garage sale.  It is quite a stunning bead on its own, but when mixed with these beads I am amazed how it sparkles, and calls out to the viewer.  I left some of the wire crochet exposed, as a contrast or accent to the intense beading.  Some of the feedback i have received from customers is that they like to see the wire work, and like small amounts of it visible to show the levels of work involved in the creation of the piece.  Measurements are 3″ long by 1.5″ wide..







Blues Bouquet Brooch –

crescent2You can say this brooch is a scaled down version of the one above… used the same focal bead, and much of the same seed beads but kept the form rounded, and added embellishments of green stone chips.  I also found amazing Czech glass fire polished green glass leaves, adding a further hint of nature to the piece.   Here is what I wrote in etsy about the pin:

Everything started with crocheting silvertone copper wire into a circular frame. To that frame i added a brilliant blue glass bead as the focal point, and began building embroidery of beads around the focal, creating a bouquet.

A small amount of the wire crochet remains unbeaded to accent and provide texture to this little brooch. This brooch measures 2.25″ long by 2″ wide and has a magnetic pin back.


Blue Flower Brooch – 

bluflowr4Think 60s – psychadelic colors, and abstract images… yes this is an abstract little blue flower with the classic clild’s drawing leaves of bright chartreause green.

I start with copper wire, and crochet a frame. Then I embroidered beads to form a pattern of flower petals swirling around one central bead. These glass beads came together to form a stylized flower.. with the petals made up of blue glass beads in various tones of blue.  Seed beads make up the stem of the flower, with two bright chartreuse beads for leaves.

The chartreause beads were also a vintage find, from a flea market several years ago.  I was not sure how i wanted to use them until this piece.  They are plastic, but in this setting they don;t looks so bad.  The brooch measures 1.5″ wide by 2″ long





So this is just a glimpse of the work I have been creating for our next events.  As i have time i will try to post more photos of the work.  I have tried to set aside time each day to complete some tasks – whether photographing work, or packaging, or pricing, or organizing my life.  I would love to hear feedback on this post… let me know what you think.