Month: October 2013

A quick tour of this site

I have been working hard to bring a fresh look, new information and lots of updates to this website.  I wanted to introduce some of the changes I have made, and showcase some of the pages I am excited about.  Here are the updates.  To 

Art and Community Development

Recently we were invited to tour a new work in process.  A small town and a big investment into a series of old buildings on Main Street; this is a wonderful plans to make this brick and mortar structure a destination for tourists and art 

Leadership Styles – another article i found

Oh wow, another article on Leadership beckoned to be shared so here it goes.  Rather than summarize and write a full post on this article I am just going to give you the link on’s website.  I found it helpful and informative and hope 

Leadership thoughts

How often do you think about leadership – what is good leadership, and what is not?  It seems like this is a subtopic of the headlines from Washington… Leadership, when it is effective, is so good.  From running the house, to running a company or