Motivation for Success in Business

“Share your success and help others succeed. Give everyone a chance to have a piece of the pie. If the pie’s not big enough, make a bigger pie.” – Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas was the founder of the hamburger chain “Wendy’s”, and he knew great success with his business venture.  His philosophy has been something we hold as a core value.  When we began Images In Bloom we wanted our efforts to grow, so that we can offer others opportunity.  And we found that as we grow it is nice to help other artists and small business people to grow too.  As an old professor in grad school used to say “High tide lifts all boats”.  When success is shared we all do better.

How can you help others to succeed?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Buy their product
  • Offer suggestions for where to market their product
  • Offer ideas for promoting their business
  • Encourage them to start a blog
  • Encourage them to start an email blast
  • Be there to just listen
  • Show up at something they are promoting
  • Tell others about their business/products

If you have specific business skills, offer to help them in that area.  For example – if you are gifted at accounting then by all means offer to help them set up the basic bookkeeping process… there is a lot to keep track of even when it is a 2 person business – taxes, revenue, mileage, supply costs, event costs, etc.  And if you are like me (although i am fairly good at setting up an accounting system) you just need some tweeks, and tips for making the operation more efficient.

Are you good at technology?  Help get everything set up and connected – Facebook page, Twitter Account, Instagram Account, Etsy shop, Linked in… etc.  once this is all linked in you can get the word out efficiently with less effort.  For example, when i post this blog it goes to my linked in account, twitter sends out a short tweet, and something posts on facebook.  I love that… big bang for my time invested… saves me from having to go to each site and duplicate efforts.

Are you a fellow artist/small business person – Give the quote above a try…. show your willingness to support others, allow others to succeed, and grow.  Get excited for good news you hear of other people.  Their successes are a benchmark of the entire market… when success comes in we can all grow.

Thats a core value of ours… and we love the idea of building not just a business, but a community.  This is one of the core values of our nation that has been declining.  Perhaps this is a contributing factor of why our nation has been declining