Milestone for this blog

It seems hard to believe, but as of November 21st this blog has hit the 500th post milestone.

I have been writing this blog for almost 3 years, with the occassional lulls in writing.  My original goal was to document the process of building this business, and have some way of recording the events and activities we participate in.  It was intended to be a “behind the scenes” look at our lives.

It has evolved, including articles on business management, art theory, and deeper examinations of various components of the soap making process.  Along the way blogs have shown off the latest creations and detailed the latest products.

blog500thmapBut somewhere in those first blogs I realized this was a healthy process for me.  I love to write, and I need to have a purpose for taking photographs… so that was a good fit.  The side benefit is a way of communicating with our friends and customers.    I never dreamed anyone other than myself would be reading this blog. But the stats show that there has been a response from around the world.  In the map above any country colored in shades of yellow/orange/red represent countries where I have had readers view pages.  Obviously the larger the number of visitors, the deeper red the country is.  But among the surprises were hits from countries like Montenegro, Tajikistan, and Mongolia.  Again, shocked i would not expect my writing to be viewed by people so far away…. but yeah!  Glad the word is getting out.


As we celebrate our 500th post here are some stats on this blog:

Followers:   WordPress  502

Facebook: 588

Linked In: 501

Twitter: 128