Giving Thanks

Today we pause, gather our family and friends together to enjoy the bounty of the earth, provided to nourish and strengthen us as we give thanks to God Almighty.  We are truely thankful for all that we have, and all that has been entrusted to our care.  And we are thankful for the very freedom to give thanks.

As we sit down later today I am reminded that those seated around our table have changed over the years.  Family has moved away, loved ones have gone on to heaven, and friends have changed, but even though some of those seats are now empty I am thankful for each and every person that has crossed our path, and touched our lives.

And I am thankful for so much…. having a job, income, and the ability to pay my bills is wonderful.  Having family and friends is very good.  Having a spouse that is strong, and wise, and encouraging is a privelege.  And having the opportunity to build a business together is the best.

From our house to yours on this Thanksgiving Day we extend our thanks to you for your encouragement, your patronage, and your supportive thoughts.  May this day be filled with more than turkey and football… It is our prayer that today you will realize how special you are and how much we are thankful for you.


give thanks