Fashion Week and My Silk Order

OK, so i dont usually tell you the scratchy side of life, but i must confess I lost a big opportunity this past weekend.  May 30th kicked off fashion week Cleveland… a week long celebration of fashion in Cleveland, occurring at various different venues on various different days.

I had big plans, but was low to out on some supplies to accomplish these plans.  I eagerly put in my order for silk, and several of the dyes i was out of. The life of a starving artist is such that my supplies are ordered almost on demand as needed.  I would love to say I have a room stocked and ready to use…. but sadly i cannot afford that yet.  So the order was placed for the bare essentials, the things I absolutely need now… with the promise of 3-5 day delivery from California.  This company is amazing and so on task… they always under promise and over deliver. The order was put in two weeks ago, with the plans that it would arrive, giving me at least a week of work time.  A week turned into 10 days, 11 days, 12 days, 14 days, and finally the order arrived on my porch on the afternoon of May 30th…. with no possibility of getting my work ready for the events, and in particular for the gallery at the 5th Street Arcade known as Fra Angelica.  I feel a bit crushed, but i know that all things have purpose and reason.  The delay was not the company, but UPS…. they do a cheap shared shipping thing… UPS delivers ground to my post office, and USPS (my post office) drops the package on my door.  This is the least expensive method of shipment… and it usually is the best… but UPS directed my package to Boise, Idaho, then Lubbock Texas, before arriving in Parma Ohio on wednesday 5/28.

(((Deep sigh))) So opportunity lost, and it is time to move on to the next thing.  There will be other opportunities to participate…. and i am trying to not be so upset with package delays beyond my control.

The up side is that I have a big box of fun to work with… and replenishment of some of the dyes i have been low on.  Yeah!!!!!  The truth is life happens, and sometimes it has a hidden up side that is not visible right this moment.  I am hoping this is true.