Daily Self Talk


When you first open your eyes, long before your feet hit the floor for the first time in the morning what are you telling yourself?

I used to laugh because of  a little story people would tell.  It goes like this:

When you wake up in the morning what kind of state of mind to you find yourself in?  Are you saying with great joy “Good Morning Lord!”  or is it with great anxiety that you are saying “Good Lord, its morning!”.

Almost identical words, but emphasis is drastically different.  And the first shines of optimism for the day, and longing to see what it holds.  The other sounds like a desire to retreat back under the covers and shrink back from the day ahead.

So what do you tell yourself each day?  And what do successful entrepreneurs say to themselves to keep the momentum going?  Is there a pattern or habit that can be adopted? I have been doing a lot of research and reading and i found the following thoughts common to a number of articles:

  1. Ask “Who can i help today.”  – Emphasis rolls off of our own circumstances, and onto the greater good.  Seeking out ways of helping others allows the opportunity to encourage people, which comes back in the form of encouragement to ourselves too.  I was reminded of Plato’s quote “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  In my own life it is far too easy to focus on my own situation and loose sight of the people around me, and their journeys.
  2. Ask yourself “How can I create value today.” – Value, or the idea that what i have to contribute to the world has meaning, and can impact others with a positive improvement, is what we each strive for, right?  We want to be able to accomplish something that impacts those around us for the greater good.  We want to change the world in some small or large way.  Taking the time to ask how this can happen will begin the dialog, open the day with purpose and intention.
  3. Ask “What can i do better today” – Whether in daily routine, or in business, how can improvements occur?  Is there areas that need improving, or ways to speed up a process?  The point is we can always assess and improve our lives, and our businesses through the willingness to learn and grow.  Never stop learning, because this life is always an opportunity to learn.

Beyond these questions, a healthy life requires balance in everything – getting enough sleep, food that will strengthen and nourish our bodies, good emotional and spiritual health, enough time spent on the work and  time spend quietly on ourselves.  When life is out of balance it is difficult to have a positive thought process, or want to help others.  So that is the challenge.  Take good care of yourself, and you will be able to take good care of others, and your business!