Hey, photos of us out on the internet!!!

I was just checking the internet for something unrelated to our business, when i spotted a picture taken at Winterfest last year in the 5th Street Arcade….


The focus was on the arcade itself, but in the lower right hand side of the photo is our soap rack and a rack of my silk…. and the next booth over is that of our friends at Pane in the Glass, and Sharon Martynowski as well as the illustrations of Marge Pauls.  Its always fun to see our display without expecting it.

One note – This year our schedule was already booked when it came to Winterfest.  We will be posting more about our activities as we have materials to advertise, but for the moment suffice it to say we were invited to a studio trunk show and holiday event that you have to see…. awesome art, amazing wearable gifts, and this year it includes our soap.