10 inspirations for blogging

Blogging, as we discussed yesterday, is a cathartic way of documenting and discussing specific issues.  And blogs by nature must have a personal feel, a personality of their author.  Some are highly technical, others very etherial. Writing in general does require some discipline and organization to be effective.  And I think everyone on this planet have encountered times when writing is not flowing, and the inspiration is dried up.  Here are 10 inspirations I find for blogging:

  1. The  current events – whether it is current events of my own life, or monstrous news events occurring in our world, life lessons learned, or milestones…
  2. The weather
  3. Stories of traveling, or vacation
  4. Conversations you have had which inspire more research
  5. Books you have read
  6. Nature itself – that beautiful fire filled sunset, or that glorious fresh snowfall coating the trees, the sound of birds, the sight of a colorful flower garden.
  7. Music – When creativity seems stifled I turn on the tunes, and let the music inspire me.
  8. Food – A good meal, healthy eats, whether alone or with a friend can bring new inspiration for writing.
  9. History – Whether fun facts about a place from history, to memories of the family that came before us, history offers a rich trove of treasure to write about.
  10. Other blogs and web articles – when I run out of inspiration I head to research questions online, often reading great research, discover bloggers that have a clear voice, and writers that shed light on the questions I have.

Inspiration can come in an infinite many forms, certainly not limited to my list…. but what inspires you?  I would love to know.  Leave me a comment.