Are you ever too old to follow your dreams?

Yes, i have been reading again… in fact it is such a great article that i am linking it to this page. just ran an article on an elderly woman who is following her dream, and working in silicone valley helping to make technology solutions for elderly people.  Herself, 91 and suffering from macular degeneration, she brings skills that her coworkers do not posses.  She brings age specific issues, and provides a view of life from a perspective that richly helps in developing solutions.

Are you ever too old to follow your dreams?  No.  Absolutely not.

Age is not meant to be a barrier to dreams.  Dreams are blocked by fear and apprehension, indecision, procrastination and it comes down to excuses.  I love the living examples of people who dont let anything stand in their way of the future… of their dreams.

And when i grow up i want to be like that!

Here is the article (click on her photo to be taken to the page).