Display racks

I am always in search of a new way to display my wire crochet brooches.  Because i use magnets for the pin backs I wanted to find something that allows me to use the magnets.  Last fall I found some rather charming powder coated metal racks intended for photographs on the table top.  They looked like little trees.   With a name like Bloom we tend to think natural, organic, nature oriented in displays…. and I just loved these branch displays.  But they are a bit small (Measuring only 15″ tall).  I purchased two thinking this might be sufficient, however when the opportunity to stretch out to bigger displays is possible 2 are not enough.

So i have been looking for more solutions and found this three sided rack and decided to snarf it up:


They are also branch forms, magnetic, and they have little silver birds perched in the trees.  It just arrived in the mail yesterday…. and i think i will bring it with me to our next 78th Street Studios third friday to test it out.