Whats next for Images in Bloom?

We have what appears to be a quiet several weeks before we drive to Novi, Michigan for the Great Lakes Art Fair, but just because the schedule is light does not mean we are without a ton of work.  Here is our plan for the week ahead:

Today, Saturday – Steve has plan to make 4 batches of soap,  and remove from their molds another 4 batches of soap for cutting.  We have 3 batches of cured soap waiting to be wrapped, so a t some point we will both be busy wrapping soap. We are also working on wrapping our mini soaps… Since the end of the year we have been almost out of them, and our customers are asking for them.

Sunday – Barb is working on dying silk.  This year the color of the year is Marsala – a smokey dusty red.  Looking at the palate of the pantone colors in mind, there are 24 pieces to finish binding and dying.

Monday /Tuesday – Barb is working on silk.  After the dye is dry I embellish the design with metallic resist, and sign the piece.  Looking forward to finishing the last of the pieces by Wednesday.

Monday – Wednesday – Steve set his goal of 12 more batches of soap.  After blending the soap recipes the actual mold has to be allowed to cure,  then it needs to be removed from their molds, cut and cured again.  We have a number of batches of soap that have dry cured and are ready for wrapping.

Thursday – Barb plans to wrap all of her silk in newspaper, and prepare them for steaming.  The silk requires at least an hour of hot steam to set the silk dye, and allow the fabric to be color fast.  I have an old copper clothing boiler from a century ago, which has a platform built into the bottom, allowing the bundle of silk to be elevated above the water.

Friday – We will be wrapping 3 batches of shave soap.  Shave soap requires a bit more time because each puck of soap needs to be french wrapped, then boxed, and labeled.  I have been fortunate to find someone who cuts out my boxes for me, so this is easy peasy!

Saturday – Its hard to believe we are a week from Easter… so Saturday is dedicated to sprucing up my home.  Deep cleaning, washing my living room and dining room curtains, and windows, and just bringing some order to the entire house is my plan.  So if you come near you will hear the tunes cranked as loud as i can get, and me whirling around taking care of business.