Month: May 2015

Web updates!

We are always trying to tweek the website, add new events, and work on pages.  That said, we just updated the events page with a number of things we have planned for the summer.  You can always visit our schedule page for the most current 

A little bit of Little Italy!

Its a first for Images in Bloom to set up at anything in Little Italy, and we are so excited! In conjunction with the Art Walk in June, will be a saturday and Sunday Art Festival on Mayfield Road.  We have the awesome location next 


Mayfest fine art show – we are so thrilled to be participating in this event at Coe Lake on Saturday, May 30th.  We have seen the signs going up around Berea to advertise, and the fine arts club has invested in advertising in local media. 

Your body speaks louder than your mouth!!!

Yes, your body does speak louder than your mouth.  People, since the first people on this earth, are careful to study each other.  Is that perky voice bubbling with joy matching that scowl on your face?  Are you ssubconsciouslytelling everyone you are just not interested