Thank you for your amazing support!

We have such great news…. You may remember that a month ago we launched a “Go-Fund-Me” campaign to raise funds for our UPC code purchase and preparation for our products to go to Whole Foods.  It is very counter to our ways to ask others for help.  Until our economic reversal we were the ones helping everyone else.  But the tables have turned, and our little business runs very “lean” with income going right back out to pay for the next batch of supplies, taxes, and insurance.  So, we took a deep breath, wrote the campaign, and hit the button to publish it loud and clearly to all of social media and our email list.


and the great news is that we fully funded.  Two weeks ago a friend and fellow artist who asked to remain anonymous called me, and asked about the campaign.  At that point we had raised $580 of our $1,400 requested.  The words from her mouth left me speechless.  “Consider yourself funded… i am writing you a check for the difference.”  It came so suddenly and without expecting it.  Both of us are so very grateful to all of the kindness showed by friends and family.  Your support, financially to the go-fund-me, emotionally, business advice and just being there have fueled us to pursue the dream.  I am also humbled because of the comments left by patrons – you believe in us, in our products, in our potential.  That is just priceless.

So these humble words cannot effectively offer the gratitude of our hearts.  Thank you. Thank you and we will keep you informed of the next steps.  Our registration for the UPC is almost done, and we hope to submit this mid June.