Month: June 2015

Crosby Festival of the Arts

We are so thrilled to be able to say we are juried into Crosby Festival of the Arts, the 50th Annual, held in Toledo’s beautiful Botanical Gardens.  This is one of the best shows in Ohio, with over 200 artists from around the nation.  When we 

Silk Cocoons

Different, unusual, exotic…. not the run of the mill.  If there has been a theme in my art it has been to find niches that are not utilized often… doing things others do not choose to create, or blending several mediums into a new form 

Photo recap of Gracious Gardens

Last sunday we set up our tent in the front yard of the Shaker Historical Society’s historic mansion located on South Park Drive in Shaker Heights.  A gracious and elegant neighborhood filled with majestic architecture, and that sense of privileged people, and historical ties to 

How do you always create?

Do you work on your art every day?  How do you find time to make soap, dye silk, plan and attend art events, and still keep life together?  How are you always creative? I hear that often, and sometimes these questions catch me by surprise.