The Power of Bubbles


What an odd title… Yes i bet you are saying “there she goes again, writing crazy things!”  Well perhaps it is crazy or perhaps it is something that lightens up life a bit.  A while back we met a woman named Dorothy, who works with women that are trying hard to but back together lives that have been shattered by life itself… divorce, illness, job loss, etc.   When we met Dorothy shared how she notices how life turns our hearts heavy, and zaps the joy we once knew.  As a way of brightening the mood, or giving people a short and quick diversion she brings a bottle of soap to blow bubbles.  She spoke at length about how she watches the expressions and attitudes of people change when they see bubbles blowing about.

We were shopping a week before Lakeside and I saw a huge display of bubble bottles… easy to carry, compact, and well sealed so they would not be a problem transporting them.  Well, i took my bottle of bubbles with me.

And in a lull I pulled out the bubbles and began blowing them…. the wind was blowing them from our tent out into the path, and lofting them into the atmosphere.

initially many of the walkers coming through the art fair did not see me tucked away at the back of my tent, but I could see their eyes follow the bubble back to the source…. and they would snicker, grin, and smile.  Kids would try to catch the bubbles, one older man actually blew me a kiss and said thank you.

I am a firm believer that for that one moment our hearts were lightened, and the simple pleasure of blowing soap bubbles melted away cares and worries… even if it was fleeting like those transparent orbs floating on the wind.

Dorothy, thank you for teaching me to seek out ways of bringing joy to life.

And if you visit my booth any time in the outdoor season you will probably find me blowing some bubbles!!!! Hope it makes you smile.