Month: October 2015

Branding 101

I watch several blogs and feeds of fellow artists and crafts people and recently there was a lot of chatter about “when should i rebrand”.  I fell silent, pondering why anyone would begin a discussion with a desire to rebrand.  And the only thing i 

Random thoughts

Random thoughts from the mind of an artist can be dangerous.  What might i say, and where might the conversation go? Growing older is not so bad – Steve and I have been noticing that mid 50s thing, where we are not as young as 

It all comes down to economics

Oh gosh, my business education is peeking out again.  But seriously, Art business is business, and should demand to be evaluated just like any other business using the metrics and measures of business.  Right? When we plan our schedule for the year, and when we 

Bainbridge trip

On Colombus day Steve and I drove down to meet Janice and Boon, the shopkeepers and owners of a lovely log cabin in a small town in Ross County known as Bainbridge.  What a lovely day, great drive, enjoyable time and such nice people.