Road Trip!!!!


It is a minor holiday in the USA (Colombus day has gone from a glorious day of celebration of discovery, to a day poo poo’d by people who have changed their view of history or approach it from a different perspective.  Well, I have taken the day off and Steve and I are on a grand adventure to stock a holiday shop in Bainbridge Ohio.  This is an interesting story and i think you might find it a bit humorous.

Last year i was looking for holiday opportunities to place our soap and my silk in galleries and shops. While searching on the Ohio Arts Council i spotted a listing for a holiday shop in an old log cabin.  It all sounded so interesting… and the location was Bainbridge, Ohio.  Believing it was the small town due east of Cleveland I went forward with making my contacts, sharing photos and planning to make my deliveries…. It was only when i google mapped the address that i discovered there are two Bainbridge, Ohio cities… one is indeed about 30 miles from me due east of Cleveland.  The other is toward southern Ohio close to Chillocothe, Ohio, about an hour east of Cincinatti…. and this sweet little log cabin was the southern Ohio one. Last year we ended up shipping our stock to her via UPS, however this year we wanted to meet the lovely couple that care for and run this endeavor.  So as you see this post know that we are on the road on our grand adventure.  She has warned us that GPS will not work in the area, so we even have a paper map to take with us.

The only photo i have of this log cabin is from the internet:


Plan is to snap a ton of photos and share them with you.  I think this will be much fun, and another story to share.