Are you a weapon?



Am i a weapon? what? are you crazy?  This blog sounds like something from the headlines in the middle east, and nothing more.

But wait – Its nothing about violence!  Its nothing about harm.

Steve and I are so excited that we were invited to participate in the Weapons of Mass Creation Festival (Its the 7th annual) in playhouse square in Cleveland this weekend.  And the title has us thinking alot.  Weapons are usually associated with war, with aggression, conflict, skirmish.  And weapons are usually targeted, precise, controlled to complete a specific purpose. Weapons?  Yes, weapons.

So here are some of my thoughts about the title, and my hopes for this conference.  Weapons impact people… they change lives.  It is my hope that the ideas presented, and the dialogue that occurs will spark change…. bring new exuberance to our work, as we rub shoulders with other creative types.  I like the idea of weapons for good … not mass destruction, but mass creation – We try always to tell our story, and spark others to find the courage to find their voice.  Our story is a strong and powerful weapon for good… something that we had never intended our life to be, but which has saved us and brought us to a new territory of growth, finding not just our voice and our market, but finding a community, new expanses of creative enthusiasm, and fresh encouragement.  We love to offer our help and our insight to those who are a few steps or a few miles behind us on the path.

I am so eager to hear the voices of those who make their living at the creative industry because there is always new things to learn, inspiration to gleen and so much more to learn about life.  And i am thinking about our story.  Do we have the ability to encourage, build, strengthen and help others grow.  We are there to serve the conference, offer ourselves to those who have carved out time to drive, fly, walk, run to the conference, purposing to listen, engage, grow.

You will find us at our booth in the state theater this weekend – stop and chat, tell us your story, sniff the soap, and enjoy the weekend with us.  We look forward to this greatly.