Here comes July – What are we up to?

July 1 – Kent Flea  – Its a lovely blend of vintage, antiques, handcrafted items, art and food.  And we are so delighted to be setting up our tent on the grounds of the old victorian mansion located at 409 West Main Street from 9am to 4pm.

July 4 – Happy Birthday America!  We will be home, most likely working around the house and the barbeque grill stoked up, or the smoker going.  This year i have a taste for Beer Can Chicken!!!   Whatever you do, lets celebrate the 241st birthday of our great nation!!!!

July 22 – Velosano – This is unrelated to our business, but it involves me.  The Velosano is a bicycle race to raise funds for cancer research for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.  I am excited to announce that i will be riding 12 miles to raise funds.  This is a first time I have committed to a bicycle ride to raise funds for cancer research ever!  In the past few years so many friends have battled cancer.  It is my hope to help raise funds to see a cure in my generation.  Would you consider supporting my ride with a donation here is the link (click the link to go to my velosano page, and the donation button):

July 26-28, 2017   Lakeside Art and Craft Show,  Lakeside, Ohio – this is our quietly wonderful get away accompanying a wonderful art sale.  Lakeside is a gated summer community located adjacent to Marblehead, Ohio.  It is quiet little charming streets lined with victorian era cottages, and the sounds of golf carts, kids playing, and the beauty of the lake.  We set up our tent along the lakefront, adjacent to the Hotel Lakeside, a hotel caught in time with Victorian furnishings original to the opening of that structure.  And there are so many things to do – art, lectures, movies, free live entertainment, sports, or just relaxing, taking a walk, snoozing in a comfortable place.

July is a lighter event schedule, but that doesn’t stop us from our production.  We have a lot of preparation for a brisk August event schedule, along with a restocking of all of the shops that we have products represented.

I hope your July is filled with wonderment, great adventures and time of rest and refreshment.  I invite you to visit us at one of our events if you can.  Happy July!!