Month: May 2017

The high price of freedom

Freedom is not free.  And we are free because of a high price paid by men and women throught the history of our nation willing to defend and protect our nation, its people and the land.  As you fire up your grill, or plan the 

At Water’s Edge is today

And we hope you will celebrate this wonderful Memorial Weekend by visiting us at Weigan’s Lake Park for the At Water’s Edge Art Festival.  The festival is spread across the park, with a few artists in the pavilion , a number of us setting up 

Preparing for Weather at Art Shows

If there is one sure thing about art shows it is not the weather.  We have set up our tent with beautiful bright skys and not a cloud in sight only to watch a fast approaching storm move in.  Or after carefully checking the weather 

Are you Emotionally Intelligent?

Have you given much thought to the concept of Emotional Intelligence – those qualities we each posses that allows us to recognize and understand the emotions of ourselves, and of others.   It has been quite a hot topic in the business literature for the past