A Welcome Letter to 2018

Hello 2018,

Here you are!…. I wanted to take a moment to welcome you.  We don’t know what you will bring with you, but our hopes are that you bring us good health, open doors for new opportunity and prosperity.  We also hope that good friends, customers and coworkers remain a part of this year.  Welcoming new years are always a mixed thing….  A part of us longs for the fresh start that marks a new year, and the hope that those lingering uncertainties will fade away.  Clean, fresh, and ready for a new set of decisions, activities and events.   And there is a part of this new year that reminds us that time is fleeting.  I must say I have welcomed my share of new years…. This new years day marks the last year of this decade (can i be approaching 60??? omg) and a reminder that we have lived through so may champagne popping, appetizer eating, pork  and sauerkraut cooking new years.  Its a reminder that we really jump into this new year with a deep sense of faith that the economy will be stable, that our health will not surprise us, and that old friends will remain near.  But 2018, we welcome you, and we look forward to all that will come.

New Year, can i just call you 2018?  OK, 2018 I have great plans to continue reading amazing books, learning everything i can about how to improve my life, my knowledge, my social capital, and my lot.  I even have a few “technology” education plans to learn seo, oracle and tableau to enhance my skills.  And I hope to have more time to love my family, cherish my friends, be a great benefit to my coworkers, studio mates, and in general change the world with kindness, enthusiasm and art.   I know, this sounds really sappy, right?  But I hope you will support me in this 2018.

Did i mention that I hope you will furnish great weather for all of those Art Festivals that will be coming up?  Old Bertha, our tent, can handle some bad weather, but in general we really like sunny and warm…  And our soap does better when its dry.    Its just my hope to put in a good word with the Weather Department, so that we have a better understanding of what works best.  Yes, i know 2018 – you really have no control over the weather.  Can;t blame a girl for asking, right?

By the way, I stopped making resolutions for each new year because it is not you, new year, but I that fail the resolutions.  And that just doesn’t work for any of us.  Instead, I will get up each day, and give it my best…. Muster all the courage to push past fear, pain, struggle, and be everything i can.  So 2108 these are big hopes.  I haven’t scared you off, have i?  Thank you for stopping to chat… and now on to living with you this year.  Welcome again!


PS – Glad you took the time to stop and say HI!