Russian Christmas

Its January 7th and for most of the world it is a winter day in January. Truth is that for the orthodox community worldwide this is Christmas Day. It is because most orthodox churches follow the Julian calender. The Julian is a calendar introduced by […]

Bold leadership in a challenging era

Last fall i read, and reread a book titled “Readers Eat Last” by Simon Sinek . It left me both speechless, and a bit frustrated. And the reason was this – Simon clearly developed the idea of what good leadership looks like, and how much […]

Hygge ???

oh my goodness…. it is fascinating how trends in thought pop up in pop culture, and this is one that has been bubbling to the surface for a year or two. As cultural pop culture ideas go, this one has been making its rounds with […]

Do the days after the holidays affect you?

December was jam packed with festivities, beautiful decorations, music, food, great conversation and an energy in the air that seems to flood every nook and cranny….. and then comes January and the quiet lull. We remove the festive garland, trees, ornaments and the house looks […]

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