What inspires me?

I am a sponge, absorbing information, and inspiration from so many sources. I have spent time trying to determine what is the greatest source of inspiration… and that was hard to pin down. But here are the top things that influence my art and my 

What do i create?

The AprilArtist2021 challenge continues, and this is what we create:

What is your favorite color?

This is a question we ask each other in elementary school, and it does not seem to come up often in adult life. But it should. Color, or the choice of color in our life is an expression of our personality. So are you bold, or quiet, demanding or gentle? Do you love a room that is soft and warm, or glowing with vibrant energy of bright colors. And what colors do you wear? Often we fall into patterns of what color choice we make for clothing, furniture, even our car.

Do you garden?

This time of year i begin to get eager for the warm weather, and the opportunity to sink my hands into the soil, and grow delicious things. One of my first memories of fresh grown vegetables was green beans. We went out to the garden