Do you Instagram?

Instagram was born for a visual culture that we are… and for fast updates instantly world wide.  A quick click of the camera, another click and there is your photo for the world to see.  Visual is the key here.  We all love those photos… 

Where do your eyes go?

    Science is incredible.  Our age of technology allows for some pretty darn amazing study and research.  One breakthrough technology being implemented in marketing and retain (among other fields) is that of eye tracking technology. Yes, following where the eyes go on a print 

Were you born that way?

Were you born creative or was it a learned behavior?  Wow, thats a hot topic in the medical and social science journals.  I was surprised to learn so much about creativity through reading some of these articles.  Here is a quick summary of what i 

Do you Tweet?

Of all of the social media outlets, Twitter is the most unusual.  Short messages, bursts of thought, with links and ability to attach photos.  Twitter has become the world’s reporter at the ready in breaking situations.  The world learned about major events with short bursts