Do you Instagram?


Instagram was born for a visual culture that we are… and for fast updates instantly world wide.  A quick click of the camera, another click and there is your photo for the world to see.  Visual is the key here.  We all love those photos… whether it is that breathtaking shot at sunrise of a beautiful national park, or of the little barefoot toes of sweet little baby girl.  Photos tell us so much about life, about our perspective, or artistic license, our interest, our very heart.  They keep us up to date on trends, culture, and the world.  Those photos tell our story as only we can.

So what is your story?  What message are you hoping to convey.  An author friend of mine uses her Instagram account to build on her writing, focus on key points that she hopes to express.  The visual image tied with a few words captures what she wants to express.  Another friend enjoys traveling for a living, and documents her journey with quick shots of the sights and sounds of her journey.  I have found that i am less focused, often taking


a picture of that amazing sunset, or a fun shot of the art fair we are at.  I am learning to be a better photo journalist with this tool.  I find it interesting, and learn so much about life from the stream of photos on Instagram.

Social media has its benefits, and its shortcomings.  Is this media making us mind numbingly visual – perhaps.  But are we able to keep up with some of the big events in people’s lives documented for the world to see – yes.  So my short answer is weigh it out, and decide for yourself if you should use this tool.  If you do, please follow me… and i will promise to follow you back.

Have questions about using instagram?  I found this handy dandy guide for beginners that answers a lot of the starter questions. click on the image at the above to read the article on the mashable site.

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