In praise of WordPress

One of the benefits of buying our domain has been the increased bells and whistles to the WordPress site…. Some of which i had no idea i would need.  Recently I wrote a blog post on essential versus fragrant oil to try to educate myself, and our readers about the differences.  We always try to learn more, and provide an educational platform for dialog.

I was happy with the article…. proof reading done I hit the button and it was published and live on our site.  But then the private messages began rolling in.  It appeared that blocks of the article were illegible because the background was loud and larger than life, blocking a few key paragraphs.

Now my knowledge of web coding is very rudimentary… so i looked and could not figure it out.  Then i spotted the “Do you need help” dialog box.  Why yes i do…. i quickly typed in what was happening, and a kind and knowledgeable person at the other end replied…  Shortly she was looking at the page, assessing the code and in under 2 minutes she had it figured out.  I had inadvertently added a small line of code that said “override the blank background for the pattern of the top header of the page.”  Two clicks and a save, then reloading the page and here we are… back in business.

But not only did they help, they also mailed me a copy of the transcript of our correspondence, should i want to reference it in the future.  Having worked for 4 years as a tech support person for the hospital computer systems and system users I certainly appreciate when the answers come quickly, and the person at the other end is incredibly knowledgeable.  Kudos WordPress.  You rock!!!