Updating our Website

As you may know from a recent post, We now are imagesinbloom.com, and we own our domain.  This recent change have put into motion a freshening and updating of the website.  Over the next few weeks it is our plan to have this site updated significantly.  I am working on it with a layed out plan of attack…. Fresh means that the information has to be appealing, and the html code has to work well.  (I am so thankful that in undergrad i took a couple classes in web design… although the need to write code is diminished, it comes in handy when something just does not want to stay where it was placed!)

Here are a few of the immediate changes you will notice as you hit our website:

There is now a welcome page.  The welcome page or landing page is meant to just bring you to our front door of the site.  The features of our landing page now include a matrix of icons with hot links to take you to various pages.


Also updated so far is our galleries and shops page.


Keep checking back for updates, and we are also considering a complete format refresh… however i still love the hippy bohemian background of our header, and feel a deep attachment to it.