Do you Tweet?


Of all of the social media outlets, Twitter is the most unusual.  Short messages, bursts of thought, with links and ability to attach photos.  Twitter has become the world’s reporter at the ready in breaking situations.  The world learned about major events with short bursts of text, short thoughts, quick clips, photos, links.  From the Boston Marathon Bombings, to the most recent events in Paris with Islamic extremists, tweets were flying.

I have to tell you i have been a bit resistant to jump on the twitter bandwagon, because to me its awkward.  But it is also a social outlet for news… and a great place for marketing our ideas and products. And as i have grown used to the application I have become more comfortable with it.

Images in Bloom has a twitter account which we opened in 2012.  Its funny – i was looking back through past blog posts and realized that we have grown in our use of this social media.  In just two years we jumped from 40 followers to a current 520 followers.

Twitter is something to learn, with access from both the pc or phone.  I must admit i almost never look at twitter on my pc…. finding it easier to pop it open in my iPhone.  If you are looking for a super clear and easy to follow beginners guide to twitter may i recommend Michael Hyatt’s blog post :

mhtIf you are unfamiliar with Michael, he was the editor in chief of Thomas Nelson Publishing, now he has moved on to his own consulting firm.  His blog is a wealth of great information and organizational skills.  Click on the photo to go to the link.  Its worth the time to get his tips and tricks on using Twitter.

Want to follow me on twitter?  My account is ImagesInBloom