Excitement about a new business

Our little business start up is a new chapter in our lives. After over 3 decades in the corporate world it is an odd and yet refreshing challenge to try to make it out there in a new business. If you know me well you know I love to research and read everything I can get my eyes on to understand things. And I must admit this venture has been slow to launch primarily because I wanted to do it well, and do it wisely.

We have test marketed our products in various areas of Northeastern Ohio and it is an odd thing that various neighborhoods and communities have distinct ideas of what they want or would like. My “Re-Blooming Bags” made from recycling plastic grocery bags and the yarn of old sweaters has gone well on the west side, yet not so much out east. Soap is the universal product that everyone loves. So we are learning, growing, and some of it is through trial and error. But it is growing.

As we get out there and have a booth in various events around the region we are finding that our pricing is competitive, and our products are fairly unusual.

A kind thank you to each and every one who has given suggestions, direction or added their wise counsel. We have absorbed your thoughts, and put many of them to work. (Joe – the sample size soap is a winner! Linda – your leads have been gold!!!)

Well, as you read this we will be at “Saturday in the Country” in Burton town square… So join us in hoping the sun keeps shining, and the day is profitable. I will pop photos up when I have them.

Also, check out the Schedule page of this blog for updates of where we will be this summer. Busy summer, should be fun. I have several more leads cooking, but not firm yet.