Countdown to Tremont Arts & Culture Festival

One week from today Lincoln park will be a buzz with the happy sounds of artists and food vendors setting up this amazing 2 day village of goodness. We are busy getting all of our products ready for market. Spent several hours wrapping and labeling soap for sale. Have a good inventory of wire crochet items, Reblooming bags and hand dyed shibori silk scarves ready to go.

But here is a new product I am thinking of launching:
That would be sample size or hostess size soaps, 5 to a homemade package, featuring the new macintosh apple, pumpkin spice, and walk in the woods soaps. So what do you think? I have always hated going empty handed when I am invited to someone’s house. This idea of fall seasonal hostess gifts seems like a good idea. But I want your feedback. Would you buy this for $3.00 per pack?

I have also discovered a new obcession – making small packaging out of card stock, folded into boxes. I remember as a child making my own boxes, but rejected that idea when I thought it looked too home made. I have come full circle, falling in love with the idea of custom packaging that makes the statement I am looking to make. Also, it came from the idea of finding a way to package some products.

Steve has made a batch of Sandlewood Men’s Shaving Soap, and it is because of these round bars of soap that I began looking for small boxes to place the hockey puck size soaps in – and then i found this pattern. Made two test copies out of card stock and they fit perfectly. That said, I am heading to the scrapbooking aisle tomorrow to find a fitting masculine choice for the shaving soap. Stay tuned for more details.