Remembering 9/11/01

There are really no words to say about that day. Like every American that lived through that day, I too remember where I was and how I heard. I remember the face of fear and determination in my coworkers, and the hurried scrambling to clear operating rooms in the event that mass casualties were to occur with flight 93 over cleveland airspace. And I remember the mind numbing emotionally devistating sights of planes and buildings burning, and people jumping from the towers, and from the heaps of smoldering rubble, and bodies. How can any of us ever forget that our precious freedom was under attack. It still is in many ways…. and it is not just terrorists outside our nation that are attempting to compromise our lifestyle.
Today it is a day to remember this horrific loss, this invasion, this provocation to war. And today is a day to whisper a prayer of thanks that we still live in a country that is free thanks to the bravery and defense of our military, our police, fire, ems. Heres to you who are willing to stand in the gap, preserve our freedom and our homeland. We pray for your strength, wisdom, and for healing for those who lost precious friends in this tragedy.