Fanning the Flames

I like to read alot. I like to seek out and learn as much as i can consume in my mind and my heart about business, about business development, and about the enterpreneur spirit. And I like to fan the flames of my dream of being an enterpreneur. Honestly i must tell you that everything tests the dream that is in my soul. I have begun to understand how marathon runners feel when they are training, developing the stamina and courage to push… to push through the hard time, the wall that wants to keep them from their potential. But deep at the core of my being there is a drive that won’t let the naysayers, and the obstacles stop me.

I think it is that fierce stubbornness i inherited from my father that makes me want to push hard and keep on pushing, developing, strengthening, growing. I found this article that summed up my thoughts… and i hope it speaks to you:

Everybody I know has something within them — ember-like and glowing — that is completely capable of flaming up at any given moment.

This “something” has been called many things by many people throughout the ages, but it does not need a name to give off light.

Primal, elemental, and pure, it is the innate potential every human being has to be fully alive.

What fans the flame of this unnameable ember varies from person to person, but its essence is the same: the power to ignite a transcendental sense of wholeness, goodness, and joy. Some people have this moment once in their lives. Some have it every day.

Here’s my wish for you: Find that which fans the glowing ember of your heart. And when you do, give thanks.

So what is deep in your soul? What dream is but a flicker of a spark right now? How can you ignite it into a blazing fire? In this time when everyone says negative things I say shrug it off, and dream the impossible, reach out, take steps to put your dream into motion. We still live in a nation that is great and free, and we can do what countless other generations have done… reach deep inside ourselves and find that one thing that we have deep passion for… and change the world!!!!

I would love to hear what your dream(s) are, and where you are with them. Please respond if you would like. And please let me know how I can encourage your dream.

β€œYou see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’” – George Bernard Shaw