Month: December 2011

2012 is on its way

As i write this post there are only 11 hours and 20 minutes left of 2011. Our hearts yearn for the new year, and for a fresh opportunity to take on life. We have been trusting God for every step of the way, and somehow 

Planning and praying for 2012

It is so odd to say we are days from the new year… yet this is true. Steve and I have been busy developing our business, and the openings that have come this year have been incredible. Our first real booth at a festival was 

Soap Challenge

Several weeks ago a friend send me a message on facebook asking if we are able to recreate specific soaps. She told us of a friend who purchased several bars of soap years ago, and now noone seems to carry it. He is down to 

Collective Upcycle at Shaker Square

Collective Upcycle<-click the link for video of channel 3's broadcast on Collective Upcycle How exciting that Channel 3 took notice of Collective Upcycle at Shaker Square. This is their last week of operation. the Pop Up closes on Christmas Eve. I am happy to say