Words on the internet

When I began this adventurous transition from a full time employee to self employed business startup it seemed reasonable to journal or blog about this transition. There just had to be lessons learned, milestones, concerns, and alot to be said. So this blog was birthed.

But i must be honest in telling you that I never imagined many people would read it. I am not famous. My writing is non descript. But here and there someone lets me know they searched and found me, and are following my posts. That blows me away.

If you are one of the people who are following me, wow – thank you. I really value your support and willingness to read on.

This has been on my mind because several days ago a reporter named Amy from Craines Cleveland (a business journal for the Cleveland business community) contacted me and interviewed me for a story on time management. Wow. Wow! I am so honored and startled.

So the lesson is this – write and someone may find what you say profound. Just know that you dont know who is reading the posts. Write anyway!