A very lovely class at McGregor

Several months ago I made a connection with McGregor, a nursing home/independent living complex located in East Cleveland. I knew nothing about this place, but that a friend works there and had only wonderful things to say. She recommended me for a class with their “Education Avenue” series after procuring one of my Reblooming Bags. As she showed the plastic bag crochet purse to people there an interest rose for a class. Wow!

If you know me you will know that I research everything thoroughly, however for some reason I did not look up this place before this morning, and only to get driving directions from google. But as we arrived there i needed to know more. Towering on a hill only blocks south of Euclid Avenue was a sprawling complex of older and new structures. Impressive. well maintained, beautiful. Wow. looked more like a spacious luxury resort, even in the furnishings… very stately, with parlors with expensive antiques, and even a baby grand piano in one corner of one parlor.

Well, I arrived at the room designated for our class, and there was a flury of activity of people encouraging residents to come out. And while our class was smaller, it was charming. I fell in love with these people. We had a blast.

And look out world, i think we have a few new plarn users out there now… the idea of an endless supply of free materials to knit or crochet with amazed them. I could see it in their eyes…. a connection to the past and the era when you dug deep, used what you have, and make something out of what others throw away. It was that momentary bridge to memories of a depression era group of people. This stirred moving stories about how they made due, or made things out of what they had.

And Steve introduced his topic (Yeah, he is teaching a class in May) of soap making and it was amazing how it struck a cord with everyone in the room… stories of saving up the fat and grease, then making soap with mom when they were kids filled the air. They all got so very excited about the soap making class and promised they will bring friends next time.

So it was a lovely day, and i have linked the story of McGregor to this page. If you have time, take a moment and read this story. Here is the link: