Spring is invigorating

While we have not had a crazy hard winter, this spring sunshine and warmer weather has revived our enthusiasm for the coming summer fairs and festival season. We are so thrilled to be a part of a few new ventures to us.

Among the new things this year to Images in Bloom are:

Vermillion in Bloom

This sounds like a lovely show, focused on gardening. It seems fitting because our first soap was the gardener’s soap formula, which remains a best seller throughout the summer. As a gardening enthusiast i am looking forward to seeing what the other vendors have to sell… and speculate that the back yard will get a new perennial friend to beautify the place.

We were also invited to participate in the Black and Blue Event for the Hemophelia Foundation at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Our invitation came from one of the artists that had a pop up shop last fall/winter. We plan to be a part of this event, looking forward to this on the friday after easter! I will take photos… and update the blog with more information as i have it.