Last year we invested in a tent for doing outdoor shows.  It was an E-Z Up Pop up tent.  It is a slick structure with a nice canvas canopy of a heavy gauge nylon/canvas. The structure works like an umbrella.

Our trusty tent has seen a year of activity, and last weekend it was loaned out.  We got it back and when we set it up two of the trusses were snapped in half….our trusty tent would not stand up on one corner.  The thought of spending another 200 dollars for a new tents made a shutter, mostly because we don’t have that kind of money right now . 

The internet is an amazing source of information.  Research can be found if you look hard enough.  My husband had to turn on the ingenuity and came up with a solution based on several found online.  E-Z up offers replacement parts but the shipping doubled the cost of the parts, out of our ballpark budget. Hubbub to the rescue.  He remove the damage trusses  and replace them with wooden ones . He reinforced each wooden beam at the joint with metal plates  and wrapped the wood in a white extra strong reinforcement tape.  There is one more truss to replace but the tent looks dirty and I think this is a workable solution . 

We are learning to make due, to repair and work to maintain our tools.