Learning Photography

Yesterday was one of those great days to photograph my work…. the sky was overcase, and the light was just perfect.  I am learning to adjust to my Cannon point and shoot digital… As some will know last fall my beloved Nikon took a plunge to a concrete sidewalk, and never recovered.  I loved my nikon, probably because i had figured out the settings to get what i needed for capturing images.  But my red and shiney canon powershot a3300 is my new camera in my toolbox…. and i am learning to adjust. 

Well, it was such a perfect day that i cleaned the winter grime from the porch, and the furniture, and got down to the business of setting up the tripod, and snapping some things.  My bushes made a wonderful backdrop for my purses,  and the big outdoor table worked well for the smaller stuff.  Here are some of my shots:Image

This is one of my “reblooming bags” which is a blend of yarn and plarn.


And an Urban Mini REblooming Bag… the table added those interesting lines.  I wanted to find something to prop the bag up, so an old japanese garden lantern worked well. 

I was hoping to photograph my silk today, but it is too sunny, and the silk gives a light bounce that makes the pictures look distorted when the sun is high in the sky.  so stay tuned.