Month: August 2012

How have customers provided direction?

What moves you to develop, create or improve your product line? Over this past year we have listened to customers. They have offered thoughs, feedback and ideas that were not in our scope of thoughts. Here are some of the thoughts we have moved on: 

Do you have a press kit?

  I have been reading a lot of articles, and books about properly presenting an art business to the world and realize one common theme is “a press kit”. So what is a press kit and why should a small art business be committed to 

I just joined

i learned of this site while reading someone else’s blog.  It is a compilation of listings of blogs.  So if you are looking for a specific interest, or searching for someone’s blog this might be a great place to go.  It is also helpful to 

Photography Skills Required Please

In our day and age of the internet, with pictures and virtual storefronts it is critical that photos speak louder than words.  We have learned that first hand with photography of our soap.  Simply photographing the wrapped bar of soap saw no responses.  As we