Do you have a press kit?


I have been reading a lot of articles, and books about properly presenting an art business to the world and realize one common theme is “a press kit”.

So what is a press kit and why should a small art business be committed to creating and using this?

Great question!  A press kit is a concise representation of your company, your products, and scope of business.  We see press kits all around us.  Brochures advertising various things, services, people.  Our resume is a classic take on a press kit for the average person.

But a press kit for a business adds polish, clarity and helps to advance the mission statement of the company.  Yesterday I wrote briefly on the need for professional photos that are stylized, telling a story.  Today, i nthe press kit we gather great story telling photos, and sit down at the pc to develop documents that will take over where the photos stop.  Here is what you need for a great press kit:

1.  A Logo  – Does your company have a name?  Is that name represented graphically, or perhaps a specific font and script?  Buff it up, have the log ready to add to your documents

2. Bio Sketch – Short synopsis of each of the company leaders. In my case there are two of us.  One page per person, summarizing the officer’s title, history with the company, basic information about the person, ideas, quotes, and a picture if possible.

3. Press coverage – compile a list of all recent press coverage, and press releases.  These should also be printed professionally in color, and if possible on glossy.

4. Do you have a newsletter?  Include a copy of your company’s news letter with the packet. Again, printed in color, preferrably on glossy.  You may also wish to print a schedule of upcoming events.  Routinely each quarter we generate a nice, graphically fun schedule of where we will be, including addresses, dates and times. 

5. Product list – this may be in glossy brochure, or in simple list format.  For our soap and salt scrubs we have developed 1/3 page cards that explain our soap story – how we got started in making soap, with the reverse being the listing of the flavors of soap we offer.  Likewise we have developed a 1/3 page card for the salt and sugar scrubs – one side explains the scrubs, the other is the catalog.  Visual is great.  This is where photos might come in handy!!! Mouth watering photos of luxurious products that tell that story are appropriate here.

6. Write a letter of introduction…. here is your chance to tell the world about your company, and you.  Keep your letter concise, and targeted to the scope of your business.  Introduce the content of your kit… bio sketches, products, press/publicity, newsletter and schedule. 

7.  Package your kit.  The quickest idea is to visit an office supply store and buy folders with pockets.   In the pockets provided take time to order your kit in a way that makes sense.  Here is a suggestion for the order of information (top to bottom):

  • Letter of introduction
  • Bio Sketches
  • Product List
  • Newsletter
  • Schedule
  • Press Articles

In the pocket make sure to also attach your business card.

This is what I am working on for our business.  I promise to photograph my success once it is done.  But I am also curious if you as an artist use a press kit?  If you have, please send me your feedback.