Preparing for Textile Art Alliance

There are a few events in our art business calendar that are special, unique and favorites.  Textile Art Alliance Boutique is one of those rare and special events.

About Textile Art Alliance:  This is an arm of the Cleveland Museum of Art, supporting the textile division of the museum through education and fund raising for expansion.  This professional group juries applicants into an annual boutique and fashion show.  Artists from around the region converge with wearable apparel, accessories and hats.  From the alpaca farms to the silver smiths that weave silver… and everything in between.  It is the day to shop for that unique piece for your wardrobe.  Fashion meets art.

Last year was my first experience being juried into the show and I so thrilled to be invited, but i was also a nervous reck because I often struggle with the idea that I am not art school trained. Many of these  artists have their masters in fine art degrees.  I am the relatively new comer, and many of the artists have been practicing their art all of their life.   I have to tell you i quickly got over that thought, and began to enjoy the adventure.

The crowds come, eager to shop and find those unique items.  Last year i offered my hand dyed silk, wire crochet and viking knitting.  The viking knitting was a conversation piece of many.  This year i am bringing silk, wire crochet and introducing Reblooming Bags.

To Do List:

  • The wire crochet is done, with the exception of tagging prices on each piece.  I purchased copper jump rings and need to just print tags, punch holes, and price everything.
  • The silk – i have a dozen silk scarves in various state of doneness… some have been bound, but need dye.  Some have been dyed, but need metallic resist embellishment, and some await the final processing (steam and press).
  • The rebloomers – I have to sew linings into several bags.  One bag was crochet with the addition of alpaca roving, and looks much like a southwestern saddle bag.  (Photos to follow)  And i am making a plarn and yarn bag that is unique, uses a pattern known as African Flower, and utilizes white plarn with brown cotton yarn.  I have to finish piecing it together, but here is the photo of the inspiration for this one:

I just love how different this is and how clean, crisp, sharp.  Photos of my bag will follow when they are done.  

So the heat is on to get all of my products ready for this grand event… I am looking forward to it, hope you can visit.