As an artist how often do you work at your art?

I am finding myself analyzing where i stand as an artist.  No, i am not having a break down… i want to improve, grow, take this on to another level beyond the outdoor fairs and “craft shows”.  So i have been reading again… lots of reading.  This time an interesting article on a blog.   Here is the link to the article:

9 Warning Signs of an Amateur Artist

Professional versus amateur artist – wow,  i was not expecting that.  But i was delighted to know that i have been actively working on and finishing projects, no longer waiting for inspiration, but constantly developing thoughts, plans, goals and processes…. the art is flowing, and this is good.  I have always wondered about other artists, and if they become as self absorbed in the process of creating that time stands still.  It does for me… minutes become days… lost in the process of transforming that spark of thought into something that i can hold in my hand.  Dying silk is such a wonderful process… because the dye never seems to do the same thing twice… simple environmental conditions like humidity, temperature and type of dye make such a difference. 

Getting back to the article,…. i just love the idea of the importance of knowing and being a part of the art community.  we were never meant to life isolated, and creativity even more so needs the company of fellow creative people… Sharing experience, sharing knowledge, sparking one another to bigger and better.  I am thankful that i value community, and want to know and be known.

Where am i going with this post? It is sometimes a challenge to think of my life in terms of making my living from art.  Right now there are times when it pays well, and then there are times when the well is dry.  None the less, the creative force within must continue to be released… allowed to bloom into a professional artist.