Month: January 2013

How do you market your products?

Marketing your product is a sensory experience. Tell the story of your inspiration and you will find that beyond the senses people will respond to the emotional content.

What is behind the Medieval Thing?

As a vendor this weekend at the Trinity Medieval Feast it was my second exposure to a subgroup of people who either raid the costume shop for the most amazing Medieval outfits, or they sew/build/tool/craft their own.  And i would have to say that over 

Does the frigid cold affect you?

I was standing at the bus stop the other morning… temperature on my cell phone said 7 degrees, and with wind chill it was at least -10 degrees.  My layers of coats, hoodies, hat, 2 pair of gloves, etc seemed like they did not help 

Pink Himalayan Salt Soap

Pink Himalayan Salt is such an interesting ingredient.  and it is the star of another new product we are launching.  Pink Himalayan Salt Soap.  Yes, a very gentle vegan soap that incorporates the salt.  Before i talk about the soap i wanted to tell you