Month: February 2013

Awe we love Plenty Underfoot

Proud to be a part of the adventures of Nicole McGee and Plenty Underfoot

Shaving Soap – Returning to an old tradition

There is a trend toward practices of the past, among which is the return of the art of shaving, involving a brush, a bar of shave soap and a mug or vessel to hold the soap. There are hidden benefits to this chemical free method of shaving including extending the life of your razor.

In Celebration of Victorian Charm

Last Saturday I was a vendor at a “High Tea” held at St Thomas Episcipal Church in Berea, and i was so very impressed with the amount of detail some women put into wearing and owning beautiful victorian and edwardian hats.  A majority of the 

Renew, Reuse, Adapt

Upcycle is a growing trend and now in Cleveland one neighborhood is posed to be the go to zone for upcycle artists thanks to Nicole McGee and her innovative ventures. Images in Bloom is pleased to be a part of the venture.