Medieval Feast and Medieval Artist Market

Spend an evening in King Arthur’s Court and meet a costumed cast of merrymakers, minstrels, maidens and more at the Medieval Feast. Enjoy a night in Camelot replete with period food, drink, music and entertainment in the gothic splendor of Trinity Cathedral as we raise money to provide high-quality live music for greater Cleveland’s largely underserved population

Friday and Saturday we will be at Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland, located at E 22 and Euclid Avenue.  What a treasure that church architecture is… steeped in history as a reproduction of a medieval cathedral from Europe, this is one to see.  The church was built at the turn of the last century, when Euclid Avenue was Millionaire’s Row, and the architecture is breathtaking… large vaulted ceilings, well executed stone cutting, and even some of the stained glass windows are antiques imported from England.  Stepping from the modern street into this place takes you back in time to a sense of the grandure, and sacredness of the space.  Here are some snapshots of Trinity:

Trinity Cathedral, directly across from Cleveland State University located at E 22 and Euclid.


and the interior

One of the major benefactors of the building of this cathedral was Samuel Livingston Mather, famous millionaire and patron of several large institutions in Cleveland.



And should you feel daring, longing to immerse yourself in another era, don your brightest princess gown, or chainmail ensamble and join in the Medieval Feast.

We are excited to introduce several new products this weekend:
Lavender breeze sugar scrub
Cocoa Butter Massage Bars
Pink Himalayan Salt Soap

Looking forward to a Ye-ole good time…amazing company of artists, and a grand adventure. Oh, and we are dressing up for it.