Month: December 2012

Perception of a writer or artist

I was watching another TED video, and this one resonated with me…. perhaps that is because i choose to be an artist and that is the road less traveled it shades people in their perception of me.  Perhaps it is because i am passionate about 

Thank you

Aah, the snow is falling softly on the landscape, and the wind whipping through the trees.  All of our racks and display materials are tucked away for the season as we take a deep breath from the hurry scurry of the Christmas shopping season to thank you 

Business: Readers are leaders

Somewhere in my early child hood, just as soon as i could hold an object i remember books.  Books, magazines, and now the banquet of electronic options… have captivated me. But the one thing i remember my parents telling me over and over is that 

Business : Clutter and productivity

I have always been one to function better when the work space is relatively free of clutter.  Perhaps it is those days of old when i worked as a secretary and had so much paper passing through my hands… It was easier to touch it