Are you organized?

There are times in my life when i would answer the question “Are you organized?” with a resounding YES!!!!  Every duck is in its row, everything has its place.  And then there are times when the idea of a sense of organization flies out the window and caves to the busyness and frenetic pace of the Christmas shopping season.

We are so thankful for this lull from the action so that again I can find a sense of order, and reorganize the house, and the business.  Tubs of soap, boxes of supplies, and our business in general has crept into our living space in mighty ways… this weekend is my time to really take back the house, get things back in shape and organize everything so that we are efficient again.

I am always in search of ideas… suggestions for making this life more efficient and found a lovely idea from apartment living. com web site:

Seems like a simple afternoon organization effort….. and i could see this working well for me…. perhaps I can copy this and utilize it in my spare room.