What does “Juried” mean?


Hang around the art community for any length of time and “Juried” will appear.  But what does it mean? And why is this important?

Juried indicates that a panel of judges screened the works before permitting them to be a part of a gallery show or art fair.  The panel of judges are there to control the quality and variety of art work submitted.  In some instances they can be very particular  requiring specific criteria to be met by the artist and by their work.  In other cases it is to simply prevent items that were not handcrafted from being displayed in the event.

A view from tremont art and culture festival 2012

Juried can also refer to an art competition, in which every artist practices the same form of art (ie: watercolor) and every entry is judged, with a grand winner, and runner ups. In the case of art competitions there may also be a cash prize awarded.

Often the judges picked are experts in a certain type of art, or have a wide knowledge of different genre of art, with a specialization in one area.  A well rounded panel will include judges from several different specializations, who together are able to form strong opinions on the art being presented.

We have been very fortunate to be juried into a number of events.  Here is a short list of the most recent events:

February 2013 – Moody Blues, a study in Blue – Valley Art Center, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

October 2012 – Textile Art Alliance (Cleveland Museum of Art) – Annual Wearable Art Show and Boutique

September 2012 – Tremont Art and Culture Festival, Cleveland Ohio

September 2012 – Made in Ohio at Hale Farm and Village, Bath, Ohio

July 2012 – Art on the Hill,  Mantua, OH

June 2012 – Clifton Arts Festival,  Cleveland, OH

March 2012 – Woven in Nature – Penitentiary Glen, Lake County, OH