Month: April 2013

Cottage Industry/Cottage Economy

What motivates people to start a small cottage industry?  Those two words hold the secret: Cottage – Humble Home – the place we hang our hat can become a small factory producing goodness that the world needs.  I can tell you the idea of using 

Spice Market Soap

Finally had a few minutes to take a few photos.  Here is the newest creation of Images in Bloom’s Soap Master Steve.  It is called Spice Market. Spice Market is a blend of cuts of our spice soaps… orange clove, apple cinnamon berry, pumpkin spice 

Fashion Week is Coming to CLE

Fashion Week, that time set aside for designers and couturiers to parade their latest designs, and influence what we wear.  London, Paris, New York, Milan… yes and now we can say it is the 9th annual Fashion Week Cleveland during the first week of May.